Monday, June 9, 2014

20 Life Lessons and Random Thoughts

20 Random Life Lessons, Thoughts, and Realizations I've Discovered in this Past Week.

This will be a primarily pictorial blog. With just a small sentence with each picture talking about how it pertains to my life and why I all the sudden thought it was important this past week. As in June 1st-June 8th.

So here we go!

1) Sitting outside on the porch, even it's for only 20 minutes, when you are fair skinned and have a boat load of medications that say do not have large amounts of sun exposure. I guess the disclaimer on the meds were correct...haha!

2) This one is hitting me hard lately. I chose to go back to school to get my dietetics degree, I chose to write a thesis. I did not fully think out the consequences. But, in the end, I think it will be a very good thing. 

3) One of those choices I made was to do a thesis instead of a cumulative exam after all my classes and internship. I'm thinking that was a wrong decision because I often look like this. 

4) Well, I actually look like this. Because all day I live thesis and all night I dream thesis. I can't wait until data collection is done and the final part is written up and I can present to hopefully graduate on time. 

5) All the hard work pays off when I get messages like this from one of my committee members and it just so happens to be the one that specializes in fibromyalgia (which is what my thesis is about).\

6) Another thing that I am really working on hardcore right now. I want to not be so fulfilled with material possessions and more focused on what good I can do for others and how to be a better me to myself as well. I feel that my gift of sharing my knowledge and my ability to ration my time and activities helps me "be more" which translates into making me into a better person! 
7) I have discovered that I have 2 of these true friends. One especially. She can come over to my house and hangout together and we will both literally end up taking naps but still have the best time. That is such a special bond. I am so glad I have Crystal as a friend.

8) I love that I also have friends that have been through the thesis process and realize how much of a pain it really is. 

9) I've learned that "Don't Stop Believin'" is pretty much my life moto. I have so many things I want to accomplish in my life, and no is not an option. I believe that these things will come true one day. God's not done with me yet! 

10) I've learned that you need pain to grow. And without pain we will never really know who we truly are because pain changes us and helps us find our identity. 

11) I've learned that even though I make mistakes on a daily basis. Those mistakes are not what define me. I am more than that. 

12) I've learned, or am starting to learn, not to judge anyone (sick or not sick) because I have no idea where they came from. And when I get judged quickly or have my credibility questioned it really makes me mad. So I'm working on not doing that to others. 

13) I've learned to start accepting that my life will never be like it was before ever again, and it's just going to keep getting worse. But who says how my life was before than how my life is now? Who knows which ones better? 

14) I've learned you never know who you are impacting. These are excerpts from a private message from a person in a group that I am in, but I had never had a conversation with her ever. And she sent me the sweetest message. Here are some portions of it because I don't want her identified if other people reading could figure it out. 

15) I seriously, absolutely have no energy what so ever since I've started working on my thesis and I'm doing all of that from my recliner or bed so far. I have no idea how I'm going to start back to in class classes in August. The thought terrifies me.

16) When your hair is actually done and you go sit outside on the porch and take a selfie with the sun shining just the right way on your red hair and highlights, you actually don't look sick anymore. 

18) Having an IV pole with light up flowers wrapped all around it is much more satisfying and makes it seem not so medical when you are attached to thing all dang day every day and night, unless you are wearing it in your backpack. Yay for flower lights! 

19) Speaking of feeding pump backpacks. I might have an obsession. I've got all these and I still want way more. I mean you have to match with every outfit, right?

20) And finally, lately I've just been doing everything I can to live my life to the fullest. I don't know how much longer I have (well, none of us do really). But while I'm here I'm taking advantage of living life. You only live once. You don't get a do over. Life life. Don't just lay in bed and cross days off the calendar waiting for your disease to overtake you. Life your life. End of story.

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