Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living with outrageous joy

So since I didn't write in so long and yesterday was completely different I will update some now. But there isn't really a lot to update.

Since Saturday I've been pretty sick until yesterday. I was not really able to get out of bed much at all except to run to the bathroom pretty frequently. I was able to keep eating though so at least I wasn't losing weight. I did manage to go to the trunk or treat at my mom's church to help out with crafts and that was semi fun except for the fact that I felt horrible the whole time. Sunday was pretty exciting because I think I found a church that I will like here.

It definitely was not FBC Salisbury...but it might do for a while...It is called First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute and it is American Baptist not Southern Baptist-which I can already tell will take some adjustment but not as much as a completely different denomination. The people were really nice, almost everyone that saw me sitting by myself in the back came up and introduced themselves, one guy (who I am guessing must be a deacon or the like because he later helped with the offertory) even gave me his card and told me to call him if I needed anything and then went around to different people in the congregation and found someone my age that agreed to let me sit with her. The music was really's all pretty much praise and worship music not much traditional music but I'm sort of ok with that...I love the praise and worship but I'm also a sucker for a good hymn thrown in there so if it is only praise and worship all the time I might have to shop around some. The preacher was really good. He is doing a sermon series right now called Outrageous Joy out of the book of Phillipians which is one of my favorite books of the Bible anyways so it is easier to be good...this last week was on Phillipians 1:12-21 and he was talking about how our circumstances- no matter what they are- can further advance the kingdom of definitely reminded me of what I'm going through and kind of what I am doing with this blog. I hope that people are realizing through my writings and hope that I am reminding myself that it will be ok and God is using this for greater good in some reason. So I really liked the church and hopefully i will meet some more people soon...they have a young adult group that meets on Sunday nights I want to go too but I didn't go last week because it was their fall party and that didn't seem appropriate to go the first time. Plus the walls of the sanctuary are no lie Carolina blue...perfect...right.

I also got registered for my classes at Ivy Tech next semester and will basically be going to school from 1:30 to 6:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays which isn't bad for 2 upper level science classes. I will also have a 45 minute break in between to chill out/eat/and do homework. I am still in the trying to get in to talk to someone at ISU stage to see if I will actually be able to do this dietitian thing here...which it pretty much has to be here because I am not a resident anywhere else at this point and I don't have any income right now so I don't have a lot of money to fork out for college.

Oh and speaking of income, I applied today to be sub for the school system up here...there aren't benefits but I can work on days I feel like I can work and it's pretty good pay and they pay direct deposit weekly. Hopefully I can start subbing soon. I've also applied for disability and am waiting to here back from that so hopefully I'll at least get some disability coverage and some subbing and I will have some money. Right now we are actually doing okay in terms of paying the bills (minus my car which we are going to have to get rid of soon) but there is very little left over after that...I mean like very tonight I spent about 3 hours couponing and we are going to go shopping Saturday and see how much savings I managed to come up with...I'm excited to see...we are also going to go to Sam's club to see if there is some good stuff that we can buy in bulk :) Oh and another really exciting thing is I found this thing called Gluten Free Saver which is like a gluten free groupon site. This week is the first week they've been in operation and I got the deal which was spend 15 dollars and get a 30 dollar voucher for gopicnic products which are like gluten free lunchables and you have to pay for shipping and handling. I ended up getting 7 complete meals for only 28 dollars including shipping that is only 4 dollars a meal which is incredible for gluten free convenience food. Plus they don't have to be refrigerated or heated up to eat so if the power goes out or something I'll have something to eat that is non-perishable. These could be great ideas for the food pantries I want to open up at some point....great ideas...

Anyways...that is pretty much it for now...trying to do a good job of living in outrageous least for now...despite the circumstances :)

PSBTW 25 days til Salisbury!!!! :)

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