Thursday, January 2, 2014

Drumroll Please! Giveaway Time!

This here blog has hit well over 5,000 views and had 101 posts now and I think that deserves some celebration, don't ya think? Plus it's a new year so that's always a good time for a give away too!!! 

So here's the deal-i-o!!! 

I've never done a give away before and may never do one again, so get in while the getting's good!

There are several different ways to enter:

1) You may comment on this blog post with your name and email address.
2) You may comment on the Facebook post I share with your name and private message me your email address.
3) You may get an 2nd entry if you also like the post where this blog post is shared.
4) You may get a 3rd entry if you share my Healing Hopefully Facebook page on your Facebook page and ask people to join the page via this blog posting so I know it's been shared. (I need a record, if you just share the page I don't know that so share this post specifically, but ask people to follow me please!)
***Only comment to either the blog or the Facebook page not both! The extra entries are only for liking and sharing! 

So what are you getting you may ask? 

My undying love and attention...well that and...a $15 Amazon gift card to spend however you want, sent to your email!!!! I would want that give away, wouldn't you! 

So comment, like, share, do whatever you like but remember the more entries you have the greater your odds are. So I would enter all 3 ways! 

The giveaway will end when my Healing Hopefully Facebook page gets to at least 200 likes or on Wednesday January 8, 2014! So share, share, share! That's only 129 people away, you can do it! I know you can

**Disclaimer: This giveaway is being done of my own volition no one is sponsoring it. I am supporting the gift myself and am in no way associated with Amazon or it's affiliates.

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