Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Six Update

1. Medical Stuff

  • Just had a saline infusion this week, but it was a very dramatic one thanks to my port.
2. I got my car fixed again this week. This time the drive belt needed replaced. I got that done on Monday, now my car should be all as good as new.

3. I had to cancel my massage and chiropractic adjustment this week due to snow. We got about 8 inches of snow. Again. I am so over the snow. It can be spring, summer, or autumn now. I don't care which.

4. All of my meds got switched to liquid to go through my feeding tube finally. This is extremely exciting because it saves me oh so much time and energy. And time. And energy.

5. One of my professors decided to wait until less than 2 weeks before a HUGE assignment was due to give us specifics about said assignment (as in specifics still aren't posted but my BFF finally got her to say them out loud to her and she reported them to me and they are supposed to be posted by the end of the weekend and it's due the 21st.). Well, I'm supposed to make a presentation that is 20 minutes long that is like I'm presenting at a professional conference so it has to be scientific and professional. This would have been nice to know the first 5 weeks I've been asking for information. Especially since I didn't have a laptop because my hard drive crashed until my mom felt bad for all the crying and bought me the one I'm blogging on right now. It's just a little notebook, but it gets the job done. And I like it. :)

6. My port is infected. That is the drama from my infusion on Thursday. It's really annoying and red and painful and swollen. I'm on an antibiotic. I hope that it kicks it because I really want to keep my port. That's also why this blog is short and too the point because I don't feel well. 

Have a good week everybody! 

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