Monday, February 17, 2014

That's What You Think

Today I saw something that made me laugh.

P.S. If you are this person and you figure it out. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you, trust me.

Someone in a dysautonomia group said that she was going to start a chronic illness blog where she was going to bring awareness about her illness (fine, awesome), and she was going to share inspirational quotes (fine, awesome), and that she was going to do other bloggy things (fine, awesome) and that she was going to do this daily...this is where I start laughing hysterically.

People who start chronic illness awareness blogs get all excited when they start their blogs and they think oh, yeah, I'm gonna blog every day, and 33,000,000 people are gonna read my blog and I'm gonna be cool.

But the truth of chronic illness blogging is this. Blogging takes energy. And the people who write them are sick.

So this is how it goes. You write every day for the first couple of weeks because you're excited and you have purpose.

Then you get sick and have a flare.

Then you write here and there, every three to five days.

Then you write every 3 months. Because you can. Because it's your blog.

But then all your followers that you've built up go by the wayside for the occasional blog that you do get up every once in a while.

Then you decide that you need to get back into it because you really do like blogging so you even come up with a creative little thing called the Saturday Six Update so you know you'll update your blog on at least Saturday from now on. So maybe your readers will come back for that. Maybe.

But then you realize, oh wait, chronic illness means it can happen any day....even that Saturday Six Update...sometimes that doesn't happen either...and you can't do it on Sunday, or Monday, so you just wait til next Saturday to blog. So then it's 2 weeks again...or three if you forget on the second week and still don't get the Saturday Six Update done...

And sometimes you've got all these really good blog ideas rolling around in your head, but you're just too dang tired to get them out onto the interwebs....because blogging takes energy. dangit.

So this is why, today, when I saw yet another person with a chronic illness swear up and down that they were going to blog every day....I started laughing hysterically.

Because if you're blogging're probably not sick enough to have a chronic illness blog. Just sayin'. At least you won't be blogging every day for long. It'll catch up to ya, trust me!

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