Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives

If you know me, and I mean, really know me. You know that Grey's Anatomy is my favorite TV show by far.

And if Grey's Anatomy is in your repertoire at all, you will recognize the title of my blog right off the bat.

"It's a beautiful day to save lives," is what Derek Shepherd says right before he begins any of his brain surgeries on anyone.

I just love that about him and think it's such an awesome quote. That after all the years he's been practicing and doing awesome surgeries he still has to say that and recognize that he is in fact saving a life.

I feel like WHEN (not IF, but WHEN) I'm a dietitian in some capacity I want to have that same mentality. Though I won't be doing brain surgery I will still have people's health and well-being in my hands, especially if by some grace of God get healthy enough to do clinical dietetics which is my passion.

I love this quote so much so that I got the t-shirt for Christmas and wear it ALL the time.

I've been struggling a lot lately with my health progressing faster and faster than we all thought it would that I am scared I will never get the chance to work even part time and get to help make a difference and "save lives" of my clients.

But Meredith Grey said it best:

So based of the advice of Meredith Grey, I'm going to keep going for it. Keep trying to get through school and keep trying my hardest to get as healthy as I can so I can at least work part time. This is my dream. Number 1 on my bucket list. I will successfully graduate from the program. I will be RD eligible. I will help kids with feeding tubes understand their bodies more because that is my dream. I am scared because I still have something to lose. I still have the ability to lose my place in the program, to not successfully complete my internship, etc, etc. I have plenty to lose, so that must be why I'm scared.

But then Meredith Grey sums it up very well again:

This is why I haven't given up yet. Because it's something that means so much to me. And in 10 years, if I gave up, I could look back on the situation and been like it would just be a little extra work, why did you quit. Why didn't you give it your all? Even with all the problems I've had I still have a 3.75 GPA. I mean I've got a higher GPA than most people without the odds stacked against them. I've got this. 

I also like what Alex Karev says, here: 

I honestly don't think I would be so much of a fighter and an overcomer if it weren't for all the stuff I have been through. I think my trials have made me a better person. Have made me smarter. Have made me tougher. Have made me more empathetic to my patients. My trauma has definitely given me scars, but it has definitely given me hope too. My trauma has made me into who I am today and has taught me perseverance and ambition. 

I think today is a beautiful day to save lives. I think every day is a beautiful day to save lives.

I am helping people in support groups. I am bringing awareness to people I come into contact with on a daily basis. I am inspiring people. I am making my diseases known about. I know that one day I will be able to save lives. I know that I can save lives. I know that I am saving lives even now. And why wouldn't I be? Because, after all, it is a beautiful day to save lives. 

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