Sunday, December 18, 2011


So my plan for this week was to blog every that would ever happen...but this time I had a really good excuse at least for 2 of the days...

Remember how I said I was having a really bad week, well it got worse, although then it got way better. Wednesday I went to my mom's work to eat lunch with the united methodist women and afterwards I checked my phone and had a voicemail from my GI's office in Indianapolis that told me to call them back ASAP. Well, when I called them back they told me they got the lab results back from the bloodwork that I had done on Monday and my hemoglobin was critically low at 7.2 and I needed to go to the ER immediately and tell them I need a transfusion. I've done this a couple of times now (I believe this was my 4th transfusion in the 2 years all this has been going on, it was at least my 3rd for sure) so I knew that it wasn't I'm gonna keel over and die low, although I was as aforementioned feeling horribly run down and tired, so I waited until mom got off work so she could take me since I didn't have a car now. So we get to the ER and i'm pretty much taken back immediately too good to be true. But then they decide since it is 6.8 now and I have this problem and other problems and all my joints are swollen super bad that they want to admit me and observe me during the transfusion not just give it to me in the ER and street me. This would be ok if they started my transfusion in the ER at least but no, we waited 4 hours for them to get me a room. Then I waited another 3 hours after that for them to get the blood to me. If you've ever had a transfusion you know you can't really sleep during it because they take your vitals every 15 minutes and at this point it is 10 oclock. The transfusion finished at 4 am and I got very little sleep during the process. They finally let me go at 10:30 the next morning after I got to the ER the day before at 4. Uggg. Also, I know for a fact that I am O+ blood, during the transfusion they gave me 0- blood. I asked specifically about it and they said no you're O- and I'm very certain that I'm O+, my mom is, my dad was, my sister is...I've had multiple transfusions and used to donate blood as often as possible before I got sick, I know I'm O+, this concerns me. O- blood is a universal blood type so I'm not really concerned that I have the wrong blood type in me, I'm just more concerned that they think I'm O- after running a type and cross and me questioning it and everything. I know I'm O+ I have to be since both my parents are. You can also reject blood transfusions and it sometimes takes up to 10 days to do so. I wasn't really concerned until I developed a rash today, but I don't have a fever or anything so I think I'm ok but it still makes you a little nervous...

Anyways, Thursday night I was exhausted and I have a horrible cold. The cold I attribute to the fact that my meds are finally working since they are immunosuppressive. Since I had a cold and I was exhausted I took some store brand nyquil stuff and I could not wake up for the life of me on Friday. Mom called me at 10:30 on Friday and told me to get dressed because I needed to look at a car. Her and grandpa showed up with a car for me to look at and then with no details being spelt out long story short confidentiality at 4 o clock on Friday afternoon I was given a 2004 nissan sentra that is in my name that I didn't have to pay for. Praise the Lord for that burden being lifted! It is BRIGHT yellow, which is taking some getting used to, but it was free to me and is very well taken care of with only 68,000 miles on it, key less entry, brand new CD player, and a sun roof. I can get over the color, I promise. The requirements I wanted for a car for me were cup holders, 2 cigarette lighters (one for cell charger one for radio adapter for IPOD), heater, and key less entry and it has that and more! I am naming it (I name all my cars the Honda was Peyton Rowan) Zippy because the guy at the dealership told me to be careful because it had a little zip to it and I think zippy fits the car well and I have another friend with a car named zippy so it has a good namesake. Unfortunately I was too out of it on Friday to enjoy it.

Saturday was the best day I've had in months. I did stuff from 8:30 AM on Saturday until 1:30 AM on Sunday straight and felt good the whole time. I cleaned mom's house, we went to 5 different stores, I made 3 homemade Christmas presents, and I did some more stuff, it was great. Today I was still busy. I went to church online while working on another Christmas present, made homemade vegetable soup for lunch, went to get mom's Christmas present, came home. Made an amazing salad for a snack, made no bake cookies, then mom and I went to the grocery store and I made dinner of sloppy joes and french fries. One of mom's friends cme over and they talked for hours and I went to starbucks in the middle to get us coffee and we had fun. Now after all the goodness I've had for the past 2 days I am exhausted. All my muscles are horribly achy and some of them are going numb. I need to go to bed and I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a bad day, but at least I had 2 really good ones. Perhaps I won't have a bad day again til after Christmas, maybe I'm getting my Christmas wish! :) I should be feeling pretty good though because this week I've had my treatment, 2 units of blood, and managed to keep my all meds in me every day. I really am feeling better, hopefully it's a new trend. For right now, I'm signing off and saying goodnight. I hope y'all are having a great last week before Christmas :)

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