Tuesday, June 25, 2013

View from a hospital room :)

Here are all the things you see when you are in a hospital room, stuck in bed because of a stupid bed alarm. 

Your board that has your goal: like maintaining my heart rate is ever gonna happen. 

Yourself with your reversible camera feature: 

Your meal ticket where they count the calories and carbs for you:

Your heart monitor and sticky things that keep beeping: 

Your updated board with way more stuff on it: 

The view from your room, lovely, isn't it? 

The wall of hand sanitizer and gloves and computer screen that has all the secrets in it: 

Your sanity of Facebook and tv: 

The blanket that everyone keeps commenting on because it's so lovely: 

My badly bruised IV site: 

My pretty bracelets that made me have a bed alarm: 

My fluids that are still going and make me have to go potty a lot which is interesting with a bed alarm: 

And my lunch that I can't even finish because I'm not hungry: 

I hope they let me go home soon or else you might get a lot more blog posts like this because I'm bored even though I feel bad. At home at least I can switch from bed to couch. :) 

1 comment:

  1. a) your doctor name is 'spicklemees' ?
    b) did anything come of the gastro/pain connection I was reading about 10 or so entries ago?