Saturday, May 30, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Blue

If you are friends with me on Facebook and/or Instagram you know that I LOVE to take pictures of the sky! There is just something about the beauty of a natural blue sky that gets me every time. It is so, so wonderful, calming, relaxing, and makes me feel closer to God for some reason. 

 I love to think of blue as the color of the perfect sky on a nice day. Not of some melancholy feeling or mood like some people may think of it. Honestly, when I first saw the word blue, I immediately went to I should find some good quotes with pictures about some kind of blue emotional raw feeling of deep hurt and darkness blue quotes. But then I realized and remembered that I am too happy for that today! I have had an excellent day. I have helped women feel they are beautiful today and yesterday. I have had 2 major incredible blessings happen to me. I have seen beauty happen all around me. I have seen the beauty in myself.

I feel like I live my life like a happy little bluebird. I constantly am trying to figure out how I can fly further, make a more impossible dream come true, how to get past the rainbow to that pot of gold. I am so passionate and driven and want to live whatever life I have left with passion, perseverance, hope, joy, and beautiful redemption of course. I always want to do the things that people tell me I can't do. I want to meet every goal. Make every incentive level. Succeed at everything. I know I can fly beyond the rainbow. Because I am a chronic illness bad ass. I'm stronger than a happy little bluebird and they can fly beyond the rainbow. So why can't I? I know I can. I know I can get to the other side of the rainbow and achieve every dream that I have in mind for my life. Despite every circumstance standing in my way.

I never get tired of sitting on the porch, watching my dog play in the courtyard, working on stuff for 31 or school, or just chilling and watching some TV on my computer, blogging, or whatever, and taking a moment every once in a while and just looking up at the beautiful, vast, blue sky above me. When I see the sky, I get a peace about me. And I know it's all going to be ok. So, you see, to me blue isn't about sadness and despair. Blue is about happiness, peace, joy. Because I associate blue with the sky and how gorgeous it is and how I know how amazing it is and was created by God and how His works are purposeful and perfect. And when I'm staring at the big, beautiful, blue sky that He created that day I also get caught up in the beauty of the sun and that reminds me of God's Son, Jesus, and how He sacrificed His life for me and suddenly, no matter how bad I feel that day, everything feels better. I know God is shining down on me from that beautiful blue sky and protecting me through His Son's sacrifice and holding me close and keeping me safe in the palm of His hands. 

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  1. That is awesome!!! Thank you for giving me a different perspective! I am loving blue now. Stopping by from FMF.