Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Advice Column

Top Three Tuesday

Give three pieces of advice you would give to a caregiver.


If I could or would give advice to a caregiver (which I guess would be my mom) my advice would be: 

1) Remember always that it's not our fault that we are sick. We wish that we could be doing things like normal people. We wish that we could be working and taking care of ourselves. We wish that we didn't need a caregiver. We wish that we could lead normal lives. We wish for that more than anything in the world. Please don't take out your frustration with having to care for us on us. It's not our fault. We would rather be taking care of you, most likely. 

2) Remember to take time for your self and to take care of your health. You are no good to either one of us if you are not healthy. And please don't bring your germs around me. I definitely don't need those around my immune system. 

3) Do things that are fun for you. You can't always be drug down taking care of sick people. Especially you mom. You've spent your whole life taking care of me and my sister. You retired once. Then you went back to work to take care of me. Do something fun for you. I know I get mad when you go out with your friends when I'm stuck in bed, but it's because I'm jealous. Do it anyway. But not everyday. ;)

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