Monday, November 18, 2013

Favorite Fridays: I Will Follow You NHBPM

I am really far behind already so I'm going to try to catch up today. By doing Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday's blog today. So enjoy. :)

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


On Twitter I follow mostly more professional/health related people, Food Network Chefs and some friends. Some of my favorites are: 

Alton Brown is my absolute favorite because he uses all post-its and it cracks me up because it makes so many other people so mad. 

I like Diana Driscoll at Pretty because she explains illnesses that we have so well and does so much to get studies done and advocacy done for us. She is pretty awesome. 

I follow Invisible Illness Week for updates and so I can share updates during II Week. 

I like Udi's Gluten Free because they are always bringing awareness for Celiac and doing giveaways!

Finally, I like to follow Today's Dietitan for a more professional network. They post new articles everyday and new dietitans that are up and coming and doing new things. 

As far as Facebook goes I don''t really "follow" as many people there. I just have mainly my friends there. But I will say I have changed to most of my friends are chronically ill and some of my friends that are not chronically ill complain about how much health stuff I post. Sorry about it. It's my life. Get over it. I do follow a couple of things that I enjoy though on Facebook. 

One being the Chronic Perseverance page. They just post inspirational quotes every day for those that are chronically ill and disabled. 

The Life as a Zebra foundation is the same way. She posts inspirational quotes and posts what she is doing to bring awareness and raise research money. 

On Instagram I follow mainly chefs from the Food Network so I can dream about eating their food, or any food for that matter. I mean who wouldn't want to eat things like:

What Alex Guarnaschelli makes 

or what Elizabeth Falkner makes

or Ree Drumond makes

or on and on and on. 

And that my friends are the favorites of who I follow on social media sites for the most part. :)

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