Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Lovin'. Or Something Like That.

Today's National Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge topic is Summer Lovin': Summer is coming up. What plans do you have? Any family vacation? What do you look forward to in Summer 2014?

Summer is a very hard time for someone with my conditions. People with dysautonomia dread summer, because when summer comes, the heat comes, and the heat causes more symptoms because we are pretty heat intolerant and it causes us to have more symptoms and makes us pass out more. We also lose more fluid through sweat which makes us more prone to fainting as well.

With mito I always feel like my muscles are weaker in the summer and like it's just a little bit harder to breathe in the summer. And with EDS it sees like my joints are more easily pulled out of place than normal. All around summer just isn't a fun time to be chronically ill.

So most of my plans involve staying inside as much as possible and sitting in my recliner and resting.

My biggest plans are to have most of my data collected for my thesis this summer. That is going to be the big undertaking. I also want to go ahead and start making flash cards and study aides for the 2 classes I'm taking next semester because they are really hard and I want to be ahead of the game.

I don't have any vacations planned because I just went on vacation in March for spring break and I can't afford to go on more than one vacation ever.

I think this summer I'm most looking forward to getting some rest and relaxation before I have to go back to school and actually sit in class again. It's going to be so hard. I also want to take some time and go to my aunt and uncles pool to swim some to help me get in better shape somewhat. I also have a couple of books I want to read and some sewing projects I want to work on. I want to have Carolina go through at least the second training class too, if not the third and final one, so that we can get her on the way to being a service dog. But that's about it. Not too many summer time goals. But that's how it should be. Summer is a time for rejuvenation. Relaxation. And reflection.

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