Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Dinner

Prompt: Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or
deceased) and why?

1) The New Pope (Pope Francis)--I'm not even Catholic, but he just seems like such a cool, awesome, down to earth guy and I'd like to listen to him talk for a while. He seems to really love life and helping people. I think I would love to listen to him.

2) Mother Theresa- Because she was awesome and selfless and I just think that I would like some of her humility to rub off on me.

3) Jesus- Because who wouldn't want to have a dinner with Jesus? I mean that Last Supper thing was a pretty big deal.

4) Hugh Laurie- Because he is a great actor and a dang good blue's musician. And he played Dr. House. I bet he could diagnose me better than some of my real life doctor's just from all the episodes he played a doctor. But I'd only invite him if he'd play after dinner cocktail music for me. I love the blues.

5) Florence Nightingale- because in addition to being the like most cool nurse in the army and all that, rumor has it is that she was also the first dietitian. I would love to see what dietetics consisted of back then and how it's different than it is now. And if it's true that she actually was a dietitian as well. 

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