Monday, April 7, 2014

Why I Write...

Today's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge is to talk about why we write. I think I'm gonna do a top 5 list just because I'm not feeling so hot today and that is a way to get it done, but still answer the question.

So here it goes, the top 5 reasons why I write (blog):

1) Because I want to bring awareness to people about all the different chronic illnesses I have and think that I can do that through my blog somewhat. I can teach people about what I'm going through and maybe someone will know more about my diseases and be more educated and less discriminatory.

2) Because I want to help people going through the same thing as me. I want people with chronic illnesses (of any kind really) to be able to come to my blog and say "I get that" "I've been there" "I can relate to this" so that if you have a chronic illness and are reading this you don't feel quite so alone.

3) Because it gives me something to do. Laying in bed all day, every day isn't the most fun thing to do on the face of the planet so it's nice to have something to occupy my mind and sharpen it too.

4) Because it makes me feel better in the moment. Blogging is cathartic. When you are going through something rough it's good to get those feelings out on paper (or internet paper) and sort through what you're going through emotionally. When I blog, I feel better. Blogging helps my physical symptoms in some ways, believe it or not.

5) So that when I'm having those really, really bad days I can go back and read my blog and be like I survived all this stuff, I can survive today for sure. Because I've been through a lot and God hasn't let me down yet. I've always got through it before. It's great to be reminded of what I've been through and where I'm going. What my dreams, goals, aspirations have been and continue to be. Blogging is like my own little personal motivator. It's always on my side, pushing me through the next little valley a little by little. Blogging reminds me I am an overcomer. And every new blog I write, means I'm alive another day. And that is a good thing to me. :)

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