Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Today is the first day of Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge, so I'm going to try to do "30 posts in 30 days again". Today's prompt in honor of April fools day is laughter is the best medicine, is there something that always makes you laugh? A memory? A funny joke?

I think there is not one think that makes me laugh but rather just the whole idea of living with so many freaking chronic illnesses is quite hilarious to me most days.

I mean you take a Type A, elite athlete, who likes to have everything planned for months in advance and give her a slew of diseases where nothing can be planned even hours in advance for the most part and she can't even stand up most days without assistance or using a wheelchair. It's like a comedy of errors really.

Most of my life is a comedy of errors since I've been sick, it's like everything that could go wrong has to go wrong and I just have to laugh about it so I don't cry. I think it's hilarious, I really do.

But there are some things that help me get through the hard days that are even funnier:

One of them is Kimberly Rae's book series Sick and Tired

Another one is Chronic Illness Cat

And then sometimes I just go on pinterest and look for chronic illness jokes that relate to my different diseases.

Here are some of my favorites:

So I hope you enjoyed some of these "sick jokes" and hopefully the comedy of errors will stay at bay for a while and I can just enjoy my jokes and some real humor, not humor at my own expense for a while.

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