Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good friends and good food

Yesterday after my treatment I over to a long, lost friends house for dinner and she made the most amazing black bean and shrimp burrito thingies but I ate mine with tortilla chips since I can't have tortillas. Also, one of my other long lost friends and her beau came to dinner too. While we were eating we sat on the front porch and then stayed there for several hours just talking about all kinds of stuff including social issues and reminiscing about fun times of days gone by. I never really realized exactly how long 7 years is...the memories we were talking about seemed so long ago yet 7 years doesn't seem like that much time. How did that happen?

Anyways, I got home and was of course completely exhausted, after all I had just been out of my house for 10 consecutive hours for the first time since I had been released from the hospital and that my friends is a long time even if you aren't sick. Last night was a bad night and today has been a worse day, but like always I have trudged through it and managed to get out some.

Today I have been in pretty extreme pain, been running a fever of about 99.9 almost all day and been completely exhausted to the point of almost not being able to get out of bed. I have also been way more achy in my muscles than I have been in the past which was odd, because the achyness really just started going away about 2 days ago, guess it is back with a vengeance. And my stomach has been on fire. However, one of my friends posted on facebook that she had 2 extra tickets in the reserved section for the Catawba game today and I really wanted to go already because I won't get to go to any more games til when/if I move back here, plus I am totally bummed that I have to miss homecoming next week because we are leaving about an hour before the game starts :( Anyways, I couldn't pass up the free tickets and I drug my sorry, weak, in pain but to the game and I had fun the first half. I also really wanted to go because I was in the inaugural year of the Catawba Pride drum-line as the cymbal captain and it has since evolved into a pep band, and now a full fledged marching band (this season) with drill and a color guard and uniforms and I hadn't seen their field show yet and really wanted to see the first years field show really bad. So into the second quarter a bit I had to go to the I went and then came back and loved the band's show, they looked and sounded amazing. Then the 3rd quarter starts and I'm like ok I can make it it will be ok. Then the pain comes and it is intense, I had seen several people from church there so I asked around for some tylenol and found some (I can't take advil or asprin because it can mess with my colitis so it has to be tylenol). But the pain isn't going away and I'm getting very cold which is weird since I have a fever. Then the fourth quarter starts and the game is tied mind you 21-21 and I just can't take it anymore but I don't want to leave until someone anyone scores so I can see how the last quarter may go. But I was in too much pain, so I get all my stuff together and leave while on the way to the car Mars Hill scores a touchdown. When I get home to check the score it is tied again 28-28 and they are going into overtime. Mars Hill ended up winning by a field goal but they are also the only undefeated team in the SEC right now so Catawba definitely put up a fight and I made it through 3.25 quarters of the game, which is honestly more than I expected. And the seats were great, thanks Dee! :)

So then I came home and took a nap before dinner which was at my friend that also came to dinners last night's house tonight. Tonight was a dinner party so there were about 15 people there, most of them kids and it was a blast. Not to mention the adult meal was chicken Parmesan, eggplant Parmesan, pasta, salad, and broccoli/cheese casserole and it was all delicious. I said I wasn't going to stay very long but ended up staying about 4 hours. When I am around other people I lose track of time and I really don't hurt as bad when I'm out and about. I was definitely still in some significant pain and the 3 people that were at the dinner the night before could definitely tell a difference in my demeanor and could tell I felt bad. Now I am laying in bed trying to get this written because I promised I would write every day...stuffed to the max...and feeling like a pile of crap.

I really hope I will feel tons better in the morning because there is no way I am missing my last opportunity to go to FBC-Salisbury for a while. I can't believe that I am leaving at the end of this week and won't be here another Sunday. But it is true. I have to accept it and move on and trust God in His plan. I have been so spoiled by great food and friends this past week and will totally continue to be throughout this week. I have almost all my meals planned with very special people. I can't wait to totally rock out this last week in Salisbury, after all I can rest when I get to Indiana, right? Isn't that why I am going there? I suppose I should rest some here too...but for right now I am going to focus on the happy times that will come this week and the good friends and good food and not think about what is happening at the end of the week as much as possible.

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