Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry on

Well I haven't written in like 4 days. This blog will be more bulleted style not paragraph style and informative because I'm not really in a creative blog writing mood right now but am trying to be consistent in chronicling everything that is happening on this journey, even if it is just for me to be able to look back one day and see what God did throughout this whole situation.

Since Wednesday, I've done several things, lots of things.

I've discovered that I cannot stop eating, really seriously like I could eat 24 hours a day right now probably, which is good, because I was severely malnourished and am still very thin and need to gain weight like pronto. One funny story about eating. Wednesday afternoon I went out to eat with Misty, Katie, and Bradie at cracker barrel and got one of their dinners which comes with an entree and 3 sides (and bread but of course i didn't eat that) and I cleaned my plate...then I went to church, like drove from cracker barrel straight to church and ate church dinner an entree and 2 sides and ate everything there too...this is proof that i can't stop eating...haha...i always was a fat kid at heart even if it doesn't show :)

Thursday, wifey (best friend that is a girl) came to town and I had an excellent day. We walked all over downtown, went to the verizon store to get my smart phone fixed that broke in the hospital, went to the movies and saw 50/50 (we were the only ones in the theatre and it was so awesome we talked and laughed and put our feet on the seats and used our phones to google things about the movie because we could because we were the only ones), then we came home and said good bye because i wont get to see her for a while since she lives in greensboro and will not be able to see me again before i move.

Friday I realized how stupid everything I did Thursday was because I was so so so exhausted. I talked with a friend who told me that researchers have done studies on what makes people resilient and overcome in times of crisis and there are 7 characteristics of those people. She could only remember 6 of them (humor, morality, having someone to look up to, initiative, creativity, and independence) and told me that most people in the studies only had one or two of those qualities but assured me that i in fact have all 6 of them so i should definitely be okay in the long run. Side note: the strange thing is I've always known through this whole thing (once I got out of the hospital) that it would all be ok and I've actually been the calmest I have been in my life, just taking everything step by step second by second. Don't get me wrong, mom can telll you I have had my freak out moments, my crying, screaming at her because i don't know who else to scream at moments, and my moments where I just laugh uncontrollably (see humor) because the whole situation seems so incredibly ridiculous I don't even know where to start at how unfair it is. But overall I've been calm cool and collected and realizing I have 2 choices I can be depressed or I can be happy and with the lack of energy I have right now it is so much easier just to be happy and move on...and that is exactly what I'm doing. Keep calm, and carry on as my Sunday school teacher would say :)

So anyways back to Friday, after that my friend Sherry came over and helped me pack and pack and we actually got all the packing done except for the kitchen which really can't be packed until almost right when I leave. So now almost everything is packed we just have to clean and organize. Then I went over and hung out at Misty's shop for a while and hung out with her customers who I will also miss very much. I spent a lot of time there this summer and got to know a lot of her weekly older ladies.

Today has been a very productive and peace creating day and made me happy and excited. I delivered some of the stuff I sold. Didn't have to pack or throw away stuff, thank goodness. Went to my assistants son's birthday party and gave her her baby shower gift since I'll be gone before any shower. And I also think I've decided what I want to do with my life,,,at least a beginning plan. In January I am going to start the process of taking pre-requisite classes to become a dietitian. I am going to go to the local community college for the spring semester and take Anatomy/Physiology and General Microbiology (yes at the same time, yes while I will still prob be sick--see resilience characteristics of independence, and initiative) and I will absolutely love them most likely. This will enable me to a) have something to do so I don't go completely insane, b) see if I really want to pursue this dietitian thing, and c) have something to do so I don't go completely insane. A lot of people don't know, but in the back of my head I've always wanted to do something in the health field (MD) but in college when I was taking the science classes I was sick all the time, had to miss class a lot, and couldn't make it through labs because I had to run to the bathroom all the time so I knew I would never make it through med school. But it has still always been a dream of mine...even while I was teaching I knew I would want to go back to school eventually. So now that my job has been taken away, and I have to start completely over, why not do what I want. I am not going to be an MD because a) that is a whole lot more school I already have lots of student loans and am trying to do this as quickly and cheaply as possible and b) I really feel like God gave me this disease (celiac) for a reason...when I become a dietitian I really want to help people that are like me that get diagnosed later in life get healthy fast so that they do not have all the problems I have, I am also very interested in trying to start gluten free (and other allergen) food pantries for those who have no income but still have to maintain gluten free lifestyles because of different health reasons. I am super excited about this and cannot wait to start school on January 9th. I was going to post all this tomorrow because tomorrow will be 3 months until I officially start my life over or at least start the process to start over. But reread that other sentence as i am SUPER EXCITED to start school and just had to tell everyone my plans!!!! Bad news for Salisbury, the program I want to get into is at Indiana State University which is in my mom's home town, but I think I can finish the program in 2 years and would start in fall of 2012, so I won't graduate until Spring of 2014....but until then I can visit lots. Plus I don't know if I will get in there, I could be somewhere else completely to do the program (including possibly somewhere nearer Salisbury I haven't looked at any schools around here).

So anyways that is what I've been up to lately. I need to get good at doing this everyday because it is overwhelming to update on so much at one time....haha...anyways I gotta try to sleep so that I can go to my most favorite place in the world in the morning FBC Salisbury. So have a good night, or a good morning or whenever you are are reading this...and thanks for all the prayers everyone is giving me because if you read this blog you can tell they are definitely working :) Love you all :) <3

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