Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So I haven't posted at all since I left Salisbury, rode across the country, moved into my mom's house and sat here for 2 days wondering what to do.

We weren't able to fit everything I had into the minivan and my car. But we were only not able to get some books and one of my chairs into the vehicles and a friend is storing them for me until I come back in December. Then we took off. We drove all the way to London, Kentucky and we had fun besides the whole being stuck in the car thing. We had a lot of fun in the hotel room on Saturday night then Sunday we woke up and finished driving to Indiana. Sunday was not as good of a day. I was in a lot of pain and I really wanted to be at church. But it was ok. We got here and we unpacked the car and basically we all crashed. The weekend was so exhausting. I still haven't been able to do much but sleep the past 2 days.

My muscles are hurting pretty bad and none of my unpacking is done besides my bed and tv. Not everything is going to fit in my room, or my closet. Not everything is probably even going to fit in the house...but it will be ok. Tomorrow I plan to tackle some stuff of unpacking and hope that I can get some other stuff done around town.

I've been adjusting ok, but I definitely had my first real breakdown on Sunday night when I saw how much stuff I still have and how much space I don't have. I've been doing better day by day emotionally though.

It was a rough weekend to move anyway because even though I was going 'home' I've never actually lived here. It is where my mom grew up, but I've only visited here a handful of times. This is not my home. My home is in Salisbury where I found myself, where I moved to because I went to college there and it was homecoming weekend. All my friends were coming back in town and all their facebook status updates were like homecoming yay...and I was like hey I'm moving across the country today away from my home where I know no one besides my family...how cruel...

Anyways, the day I was shopping with wifey in downtown Salisbury like the week I got out of the hospital we went to Critters which is a unique gift shop. Randomly I noticed that they had like Salisbury memorabilia and I looked at it. One of the things was one of those little wooden signs that have cutsey sayings on them and one of them said Salisbury: Home is where your journey begins" Of course, I had to buy it because in a lot of ways my journey began in Salisbury. I found out who I was, I found a career, I lived on my own, bought a car, moved somewhere where I knew no one and found a life. I needed that sign to put in my new home to remind me that as long as I'm on a journey I'm at home. As long as I am doing what God needs me to do I am home. Because as much as people think it's true my home really isn't Salisbury, Charleston, Maryland; or Terre Haute,Indiana. My real home, the only home that matters, is Heaven. And I haven't gotten there yet physically but my spirit is there and because of that any place that is currently 'home' can be my home because God will get me through it and I know that in the long scheme of things it is only temporary, I will be home one day soon...and I will get to stay there for eternity with no threat of being uprooted. I can't wait for the ultimate homecoming celebration :)

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